Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WebKit# HTML editor for MonoDevelop pt.1

Finally the semester is over! I passed my last exam today and I feel unchained... But no time for partying just yet :)

During the past three weeks of my GSoC I haven't done a lot and I think a short resume of my work will fit in a few paragraphs.

As a beginning I've created a new dynamic library project in MD and called it AspNetEdit2. I didn't know whether to start editing the old AspNetEdit addin code in the extras/ folder, and I thought that a clean start would be better, plus when my addin matures it won't be that hard to merge it with the existing one, if needed.

For now the addin just offers a visual preview of the users HTML code. I have added display binding for WebSubtype.Html. An AttachableViewContent with a WebKit# WebView frame is a available for .html files, under a tab named "Browser Preview".
MonoDevelop AspNetEdit2 v01
I used WebView's method LoadString to display the contents of the SourceEditorVIew. I did it only to test out WebKit# abilities.

This week I'll be implementing an important branch of the editor's architecture - the Main DOM tree. The contents of the SourceEditorView will be parsed and stored in a central, canonical DOM representation of the ASP.NET/HTML document. For displaying the Main DOM tree will be serialized, with special rules applied to certain control elements, and passed for displaying to the WebKit engine.

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